Black★Rock Shooter ~Innocent Soul~ 3 (Kadokawa Comics Ace)

In the third and concluding volume of BRS Innocent Soul, Rock’s newly found emotions of feeling lonely somehow turn her companion Ron into a hot guy. And Rock isn’t wearing any clothes for some reason.
Until this scene where she’s wearing a cute lolita dress.
Which, after Ramu shows up, turns into an epic battle to death between Rock and Dead. Rock eating a soul for the first time.
Followed by another epic battle with Ramu, where Rock learns more about Ramu’s identity, and some more about Black Star’s past is revealed.

The story, as with the previous volumes, flows very nicely, and explains the abstract concepts of the different worlds in a very understandable way. Artwork is excellent too. Definitely recommend picking up the entire series.
This volume of BRS Innocent Soul is available at CDJapan.

New manga arrivals

Some new manga have arrived.
Blackrock Shooter Innocent Soul 3 (CDJapan)
Shinsekai Yori 2 (CDJapan)
To Love-Ru Darkness 3 (CDJapan)
Vividred Operation 1 (CDJapan)

It seems that the Vividred Operation manga does not have furigana for all of the kanji, so I won’t be reviewing that yet, unfortunately. The contents look pretty nice, though.
Yes, better turn on the textures, indeed.

Kurio Neko by Shoko Nakagawa

Just got this Kurio Neko figure by Shoko Nakagawa from Amiami at 85% off. It’s produced by some toy company called Union Creative International Ltd, who don’t seem to be making figures that often.

It’s a really cute looking figure, scale is somewhere on the larger side of 1/8. I’m not really a fan of the base with the weird flying cat thing, though, and luckily this figure doesn’t need it’s base anyways, so I’m leaving it out.

The sculpt is pretty nice, but lacks some fine detail. Color scheme is very cute, although there are some noticeable bad spots in the paint job. The plastic smells very noticeably like cheap PVC with low grade plasticizers. Overall, it’s a great figure at it’s current sales price, but wouldn’t buy it at the full price due to the somewhat sloppy production quality.















Ryuuguu Rena (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) Angel Mort Uniform Ver. by Banpresto

Another one of my older figures. Ryuuguu Rena from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni in the Angel Mort uniform. This is a game prize figure by Banpresto.

Very nice attention has been paid to detail in the sculpting, especially to the body surface as well as the folds and creases in the clothes, although the pose is somewhat off balance. The colour and shading choices are pretty decent. This being a cheaper figure, though, it is noticeable that the quality of materials used in production is of a rather low standard.













You might spot this figure for sale at conventions and second hand sales for a rather cheap price if you’re interested in it.

Seitokai no Ichizon EX Figure Vol.1: Chizuru Akaba by Sega

An old figure that has been collecting dust in one of my shelves. Chizuru Akaba from Seitokai no Ichizon, from Sega’s EX series of figures.

The quality, as is usual with Sega’s figures, is mediocre. Face seems somewhat awkward, though looks cute from a few select angles, so it’s not too bad if it’s displayed in the right direction. The ribbon on the shirt seems to be defying gravity. Not a fan of the colors, they look a bit dull, though I do like the skirt. Hair would look nicer with a bit more variation in color.

Chizuru Akaba - 01_JT02417

Chizuru Akaba - 02_JT02419

Chizuru Akaba - 03_JT02447

Chizuru Akaba - 04_JT02427

Chizuru Akaba - 05_JT02430

Chizuru Akaba - 06_JT02437

Chizuru Akaba - 10_JT02451

Chizuru Akaba - 09_JT02450

Chizuru Akaba - 07_JT02448

Chizuru Akaba - 08_JT02449

Chizuru Akaba - 13_JT02423

Chizuru Akaba - 14_JT02458

Chizuru Akaba - 11_JT02452

Chizuru Akaba - 12_JT02456

This figure is no longer available in stores, though you might spot it for cheap at conventions if you really want it for some reason.